"...the quality and care your team demonstrated day after day proved that we were not only going to get the beast out the door, but it was going to be a beauty that thousands of IBMers and customers would value."
We've helped prove to the business world that IBM's Lotus Collaboration portfolio is fully extensible and loaded with hidden potential and power. The versatility of the tools means the sky's the limit! From project management to records management, sales processes to team collaboration, there is an untapped solution within Lotus Suite to support your specific business needs.

We have enjoyed award winning success and continue to help our clients to customize their platforms and create the tailored applications that best suit their unique business processes. Ultimately, we maximize the return on their investment and make doing business smarter, not harder.

These stories are but a few examples of the kinds of solutions we've crafted on top of the Lotus Suite. If you'd like to see your own Lotus software investment soar, let us show you how we can help. Please contact Mike Johnston at mjohnston@teamspace.ca or (902) 444-3890.

Training can be a challenge for any company. The larger the employee base, the more difficult it becomes to offer customized learning in a cost effective way.

A large international company, IBM has employees all around the world that require specialized training in a standardized method of delivery.


Like many business partners, we saw the power of the IBM's Lotus QuickPlace platform pretty early on, so we got smart about it.

We met with the QuickPlace product manager to understand IBM's long-term strategy for the product.

Ever wish you make your company Intranet site sing? How about a tool that would allow you to easily create a new site with options to customize the look and feel while maintaining your company standards?


IBM TeamRoom
Once upon a time, a couple of us helped IBM with something called TeamRoom. 60,000 teams later, IBM still seems to like the idea.

ActionNet logo
Early in 2002 one of our customers, IBM, was just beginning to undergo major change. Sam Palmisano had just been appointed CEO. He introduced a new corporate strategy called On Demand, and he declared that IBM would be the first and best example of an On Demand business.


NHS logo
When we first met Maxine Conner, she was part of a huge effort to modernize the UK's National Health Service (NHS). While the work was exciting, the effort required workers to spend inordinate amounts of time in meetings.