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"The response to the new collaborative technology has been overwhelmingly positive."
In this Internet age, web content goes beyond public websites. Many companies use Intranets to share internal information. The challenge can be maintaining that content in a meaningful way without requiring a computer science degree.

IBM provides their employees with a robust Intranet to house internal content on a variety of web platforms and technologies. Lotus Domino sites are commonplace, many delivered utlizing one of a few content management systems. A tool called Quickviews is a common tool of choice and is widely used across many portfolios with several hundred unique sites using the template.

This CMS not only allows non technical users to create sites within IBM standards, it provides easy methods to allow more technical users to make these sites 'sing' without changing the underlying design.

In-house, offshore resources are often used to do basic updates, but when they want to do a major overhaul to important and highly visible platform, they come to us.

Through work with various Edvisor deployments, TeamSpace was often asked to step in and use Quickview features to make internal sites shine! Utilizing tools such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, JSON, and XML inside the application, we are able to take these sites beyond the next level.

It seemed only natural when IBM asked us to design and develop a new version of the Quickviews backend database design.

The latest version of the design template includes such features as tricks to get around Domino doc types, content accessibility checks, improved data streaming and multiple home page options. Updated Quickview based sites are now more usable and sparkle under the stage light!