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"A senior member of our team was appointed the technical lead for the internal IBM QuickPlace deployment."
Like many partners and customers, we saw the power of the IBM's Lotus QuickPlace and Quickr platforms pretty early on, so we got smart about them.

We met with the QuickPlace product manager to understand IBM's long-term strategy for the product. We learned how to customize and extend QuickPlace so we could really make it sing for our clients. We talked to sales reps in the field about how well QuickPlace was selling, and how we could help it do better. We sat with end users to really understand what they liked and didn't like about QuickPlace in the context of their daily work.

When IBM decided to deploy the QuickPlace platform internally to its global workforce, we were in a good position to help them.

In partnership with the Global Teaming Services group inside IBM corporate Human Resources, we devised a strategy to deploy QuickPlace as the cornerstone of an outbound collaboration initiative. It's a web-based collaboration platform that enables teams to quickly deploy an anytime, anyplace shared workspace in minutes. Because of QuickPlace's browser-based access model, it was the perfect choice to serve as a collaboration bridge between IBMers and their clients and business partners.

A senior member of our team was appointed the technical lead for the internal IBM QuickPlace deployment. We then made several improvements and extensions to the core product, some of which have influenced features in subsequent product releases. The deployment necessitated an architecture with multi-server redundancy at all potential points of failure. When the service came online though, it was gratifying to watch the number of places quickly climb into the hundreds, then the thousands, all supported by a technical team of one.

As with many of our solutions, the technology was an integral piece, but it wasn't the whole puzzle.

We knew that failing as a team of peers is one thing; failing when your clients are involved is a different matter indeed. So we also spearheaded the creation of a set of marketing and enablement offerings designed to support IBMers as they started to collaborate with their clients and partners.

In addition to some accessibility-compliant web pages and Flash-based success stories in five languages, we also developed a collaborative learning solution that helps remote teams get off to a great start every time. IBM was granted a patent for these innovative "Impact Guides" and TeamSpace was granted rights to help sell them to others.

We realize there are a number of great QuickPlace and Quickr developers out there. But we're proud to be the company IBM chose to help with the strategic deployment of their global service.