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"...the Edvisor platform is used to support the learning of over 100,000 employees worldwide at IBM."
Training can be a challenge for any company. The larger the employee base, the more difficult it becomes to offer customized learning in a cost effective way.

As a large international company, IBM has employees all around the world who require specialized training through a standardized method of delivery. As with many organizations of this size, obtaining this balance can be a challenge.
Edvisor (TM) provides a vehicle for IBM to not only create training specific to a sector, but allow students to customize their learning plans, focusing on the knowledge they seek.

Current high focus deployments of this system inside IBM are used to train all new hires into the company, all new sales staff and current or potential company management. At present, the Edvisor platform is used to support the learning of close to 100,000 employees worldwide at IBM.

With a Lotus Notes Client back end and a Domino web based student interface, this application allows individual sectors to set up customized learning. Deployments of Edvisor can be set up to contain learning plans with static content, to allow custom content based on survey scoring or to allow students to choose their content. The most complex of the deployments contain several types of learning plans, customized to maximize the students' learning.

The system includes standard reporting features and automatic notifications based on student status and behavior. It boasts easy configuration for non-programmers and advanced configuration for programmers with HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON and other web technologies. Recent enhancements include a web based back end for simple learning plans built in xPages.

TeamSpace began working with Edvisor for IBM over 6 years ago to support the highly customized deployment used to train new management. Since then we have become the key developers on many deployments and have released several versions of the core database design shared by all sectors.